Yeah, the boring quasi-legalese to cover my back.  This page kind of bores me.  If it bores you too, grab the information you want and flee back to the more interesting content.

Do you accept review books?
At this point and time, no. Maybe someday, but right now I have school and work and a life that I want to maintain without worrying about a strict reading schedule.  I read in my limited spare time and my reading moods vary; I want to be able to read what I want to read at any given moment.  Also, with as busy as my life gets, I can easily see myself getting into trouble with deadlines, having to choose between finishing a review book and writing my final paper.

What sorts of things do you review?
I review on whatever I happen to read.  I tend to focus on YA/middle grade and try to vary up the genres so I don't always post on fantasy. I post my reviews here on the blog and on Goodreads.  All reviews are strictly what I think about the book or things closely related to the book, such as movie adaptations.  I do not accept any sort of monetary compensation for my reviews.  I try to keep them as fair and honest as I can.  Unless otherwise noted, I either purchase or borrow from the library the books I review.

Can I use any of your material?
I don't think anything I'll post up here is terribly momentous, but it is mine.  It takes me a while to write each post, so please don't plagiarize.  If you want to use something, please send me a detailed email at oruptothestarstessa (at) gmail (dot) com explaining what you want to use, how, and where.  If you mention me or my reviews in your own blog, I'd appreciate a link back here, and I'll do the same for you.

Ads bug me, so I try my hardest to keep them off my blog and YouTube videos.  I don't put them on intentionally, but I think at this point YouTube has decided to do whatever it wants.  So if you get ads, I'm sorry.  If I mention a group, author, book, song, or brand of tomato sauce, it's because I like it, not because I'm getting any compensation in return.   I link up the books I mention to Goodreads.  I'm not an Amazon affiliate or anything like that, so if you want to purchase a book I mention, you'll have to take an extra 30 seconds and type it into the Amazon search bar.  

Courtesy, Politeness, Etc
Be decent.  I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel are spammy or rude.   This does not mean that I don't want disagreement.  I welcome discussion, and that means there will be disagreement at some point, but be courteous in your disagreement.  "Your face is stupid" will be deleted.  "I liked the character/plot/book/peanutbutter you disliked for these reasons..." will stay.

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