Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Topics That Will Make Me Read a Book

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Yes, I know this was the top ten topic for last week, but I had family in town, so I spent time with them instead of writing posts.  Any who, we all have those buzz words or topics that make us HAVE to pick up a book or at least take a good long look at it.  Here are mine in no particular order:

--Shiny Covers, Especially with Scroll Work--Entwined.  Strands of Bronze and Gold.  It's just soooo pretty.  I may not actually read the book, but I will gaze at the cover for a while.  

--Gender Bendering--Mulan.  Alanna.  Deryn.  There's just something about the disguise and the desperation that pushes them into the deceit and can I use any more D words?  I love when a woman not just survives, but wins in a man's world.

--Archery--This stems from my secret desire to be a marksman and/or elf.  Seriously Hunger Games, you write a book about a girl who hunts with a bow and you don't put that bow on the cover?  Who cares about the symbolic resonance of the mockingjay?  Arrows!

--Medival/Magic--Anything taking place in a medivalish world or that uses magic is bound to catch my eye, as you can tell by the fact that over a third of my books on Goodreads are shelved under medical or fantasy or both.

--Dragons--I can't even provide justification for this one.  Dragons are cool.  The end.

--Wolves--Mysterious.  Majestic.  Third M word.  Ever since reading Julie of the Wolves, I've loved them, so wolves better feature positively in your story.

--Hooded Figures--Hooded figures with partially obscured faces just look so mysterious on book covers.  The hooded ranger on The Ruins of Gorlan is more than half the reason I read it.  The other half was the quiver on his back

--Fairy Tale Retellings/Books About Books--I love these.  LOVE.  Diving into very one dimensional characters and giving them a back story.  I don't know what it is.  Reexamining older books/stories, is just intriguing.

--Brandon Sanderson--Not really a topic, but I will read anything he writes.  

--A Really Interesting and Novel Premise--I know that includes everything, so it doesn't really mean anything, but really.  Something original like genetically engineered war beasts and mech suits or teens being divided into their constituent parts or a Bluebeard retelling in antebellum South, something more than every other book piques my interest.

What are your buzz word/topics?

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